Color is more than meets the eye. 
Color speaks to the heart.

Now there’s a tool that brings them both together.
Meet LOVE GOOD COLOR: the new language of color.

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why it matters

Applying color to products and environments requires boldness, vision and the ability to execute on the right strategies with the right tools. Without a roadmap, the process can be overwhelming with much trial and error. Color is more than visual, it activates all of our senses. LOVE GOOD COLOR is a new tool that lets you understand, iterate and communicate color in a whole new way.

what it is

LOVE GOOD COLOR is an immersive training workshop and intuitive new color navigational tool that helps you tap into the emotional power of color. LOVE GOOD COLOR is for creatives who want to design, communicate and express themselves through color more easily, fluently and effectively. 

who we are

Over the past 20+ years, I have translated color’s conscious and unconscious influences for companies like Herman Miller, Google, Samsung and Toyota. Throughout my career, I noticed that color was often perceived as complex and difficult to navigate. I want to empower our creative world to use color as a transformational medium. That is why I created LOVE GOOD COLOR.

—Laura Guido-Clark

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what they say

The way that LOVE GOOD COLOR humanizes color selection is incredible–it’s thoughtful and intuitive–the essence of great, human-centered design. LOVE GOOD COLOR moves color away from abstract numbers and codes to a language that everyone can use to communicate with and understand.

Chris Domina
Partner, IDEO

LOVE GOOD COLOR is a fresh new way to understand the complexity of color – by giving shades, tones and value, meaning in everyday language, it will expand the way we embrace color within space. 

Natalie Engels, IIDA, LEED AP
Principal, Gensler

Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and your color system with my students. It was amazing! LOVE GOOD COLOR has simplified the daunting exercise of choosing simple and meaningful color palettes for my students.

Virginia San Fratello
Associate Professor, Design Department, SJSU

how to learn more

LOVE GOOD COLOR is being introduced in a series of workshops to designers and enterprise. Sign up below to receive updates and news about our world of color! 

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